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Stomach Flu Symptoms

Stomach Flu disease

Stomach flu or gastroenteritis, as it is commonly known, is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract and is unconnected to influenza. It involves inflammation of both the small and large intestines. The term gastroenteritis is a combination of two terms viz. Gastritis i.e. inflammation of the small intestine and enteritis i.e. inflammation of the stomach lining. Ineffective treatment of the disease leads to the death of about 5 to 8 million individuals annually. It is prevalent especially among infants below the age of 5.

Cause and Spread of Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is usually caused by certain specific viruses. However, some bacteria and their toxic secretions may also lead to gastroenteritis. Adverse reactions to some food stuffs may also cause the condition. The norovirus is the responsible for most of the cases of viral gastroenteritis. The rota virus is responsible for most cases in children. The adenovirus and astrovirus are also responsible for gastroenteritis. Similarly, bacteria like Salmonella, Escherichia Coli etc. are responsible for gastroenteritis.
These microbes that are responsible for the spread of stomach flu, usually spread through a variety of foodstuffs. They may be present in meat, that has not been properly cooked, or through products that are stale etc. Sharing food with an infected person will almost certainly give you the disease as well. The microbes can also spread through contaminated water.

Stomach Flu Symptoms

The stomach flu symptoms of gastroenteritis usually manifest themselves within a day or two. Some of the common symptoms are as follows:

The stomach flu symptoms mentioned above usually last only for a week, in case of proper treatment. However, it takes about a week more for all the signs of the disease to disappear. Even after the symptoms disappear, the person may spread the disease for 2 more days. Hence, he should maintain a relatively isolated environment for that period of time.

Diagnosis and Treatment

As statistics indicate Stomach flu is usually diagnosed by analyzing the stools of the concerned person. Presence of the particular microbes or WBCs (White Blood Corpuscles) indicates the disease. The disease can also be detected by analyzing the food eaten by the person.
Various methods can be adopted for treatment of gastroenteritis. They are as follows:

Safety Precautions to prevent Stomach Flu

Treating stomach flu may ensure, that individuals are cured of the disease. However, statistics indicate that the major cause of the disease is improper hygiene and unclean foodstuffs. Thus, we can eradicate this disease to a great extent by taking care of hygiene at a personal level.