Flu Pandemic

Influenza Protection

Influenza, commonly known as flu, is an infection induced by influenza virus. This virus may cause chills, fever, body aches, cough and headaches. The effect of flu varies from person to person. The virus can spread easily from the infected person. As it is said, “Protection is better than cure”, you may adopt any one of the following methods for protection.

Flu mask

Influenza virus exists in the watery secretion that comes out from infected person’s nose and mouth. If the person infected coughs or sneezes, the virus may spread to others who inhale such droplets. Hence it is extremely essential that the mouth and nose of infected person are covered when he/she is in public. Flu mask is the solution to this problem. Different designs of flu masks are available in market from which you can choose one according to your requirements. This mask prevents the infected secretion to spread and acts as a Influenza Protection mechanism.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is an effective mechanism to fight against flu and to prevent it. If you feel infected by the flu virus, you may take half a tube of Anas barbariae at an interval of every two hours five times. If the condition persists, some specific remedy is needed. One such remedy is intake of 12C or 30C dose of the medicine Eupatorium perfoliatum.

Some of the homeopathy medicines useful for influenza protection are:

Herbal Defense

Herbs can be used for defense against flu. They work naturally and are best for influenza protection and control.

Some important herbs are:

Other useful herbs for influenza protection are wild indigo, honeysuckle, ginger, mullein, lemon balm, boneset, bayberry, goldenseal, calendula and thyme.

Anti viral medicine

Anti viral medicine is another weapon for defense against flu virus. Some of the popular ones are:

Influenza Protection kit

This kit contains various virus defense equipments that meet the guidelines set for influenza protection. It contains masks for infection protection. It is a complete protection kit that your family will require for defense against the influenza virus.

Germ Guardian

It is an air purification system. Germ guardian guards by purifying the air around you against flu germs. This guardian is a recent powerful technology which kills above 95 percentage of influenza virus. You can use this guardian in office, at home or any such places and keep your family and yourself protected.

Flu is a common disease which spreads easily. You can take precautions and be on the safer side.